Who We Are

My Car Mirrors is a mobile car repair company that specializes in fixing broken wing mirrors in Dublin and surrounding areas. Our quick emergency repair service is much cheaper than what a garage would charge.

Convenience & Flexibility

No annoying waiting for your car at a garage and being without a vehicle for days! You are the one to choose a time and place! My Car Mirrors comes to you!

We come directly to where you are and fix the damage on the spot while you are at work or relax at home. Time is precious, so we complete the repair for you as fast as possible while you are free to do whatever is important to you.

Experience Counts

You should not leave your car in the care of just anybody! Only experts can provide the best quality for the kind of repair you need!

My Car Mirrors specializes in wing mirrors because we aspire to deliver perfect results that all-rounder mechanics can not always achieve. 

Our company has already carried out more than 7000 successful wing mirror replacements! This experience puts us far ahead of our competitors. 

You can trust us with your safety!

Volkswagen Passat Wing Mirror Replacement
VW Passat Wing Mirror Replacement

Highest Quality

Trained in Australia, using the newest technology for glass cutting, our experienced mechanics can cut the glass for your broken wing mirror on the spot, perfected for the shape of your specific car mirror.

All our employees have to complete a training period of at least 6 months to perfect their skills before they are allowed to do mobile repair jobs for car mirrors by themselves.

We provide the highest quality with no ragged edges or dull glass. We only use high quality mirror glass and original parts for replacing broken wing mirror units.

mechanic technician fixing wing mirror
Toyota Yaris Wing Mirror Replacement

Do you have a broken side mirror that needs to be fixed? Don’t look back and call us!

Have a look at our pricelist or get an instant quote!

wing mirrors dublin

My Car Mirrors is the only company in Dublin that can fix car mirrors on the spot to affordable prices! Our unique mobile services guarantees stress-free and simple solutions to your car mirror problems. 

Our team of qualified mechanics can solve every problem related to side view mirrors! Whether it is to fix broken glass, repair side view mirror indicators, replace damaged painted covers, change backing plates, or repair the auto-fold mechanism of your wing mirror – we can do everything! 

My Car Mirrors is always there for you! Happy to be of service!

my car mirrors dublin