Frequently Asked Questions 


1. How quickly can you come to repair my car mirror?

After you send us a quote request we will send you a reply with a proposed repair time frame. Depending on how many customers we already have scheduled, your appointment can be in the following hour or within the next few days. We will inform you of the repair options, and then it is up to you to agree to the suggested time.


2. Is it possible to schedule an appointment for a week or month in advance?

Yes. Just follow our quote procedure as usual and let us know which date you would like to have the repair done. We will send you a confirmation message on the day of your request and a reminder one day before the appointment to verify the time and date again.


3. Can I watch the mechanic work?

No. We ask you to give the technician some space while he works. This is for your personal safety and so that he can work as quickly as possible to be in time on the next appointment. So there might not always be time for a nice chat or to answer all questions about the process, though of course our office team will be happy to answer all your questions prior to the appointment.


4. What happens if I cannot be at the agreed location at appointment time or have to reschedule the repair?

In this case, give us a call at 085 767 1777. We can reschedule the appointment, meet you at another location or work out a solution to grant the mechanic access to your car with the help of a friend or relative that you leave the key with. Just be sure to inform us in time, if possible at least 3 hours before the appointment.


5. What happens if a part needed for the repair is not available immediately and needs to be ordered?

Usually, we should be equipped with all the parts needed to finish the repair right away, if you followed the quote procedure correctly, and we have all the necessary information about your car and the type of problem.

Sometimes, however, there might be specific parts needed for your car model that we do not always have in stock. In this case, you will need to pay a part confirmation depositwe will then order it for you and come back for a second appointment to complete the repair once the part has arrived.


6. How do I know whether I have Manual Fold or Auto/Power Fold?

Do my wing mirrors fold in by hand or by pressing a button?


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If there are still unanswered questions about our repair procedure, you can also ask our wing mirror specialists on our Facebook page.