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My Car Mirrors offers a variety of car repair services: All listed prices include the fee for parts and installation already. We come to your location and complete the repair on the spot! You save money and time by not having to bring your car to a garage.

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List of Prices & Services

Side View Mirror Replacement Flat Glass (per side) from 35 Euro*
Side View Mirror Replacement Convex Glass (per side) from 55 Euro*
Wing Mirror Unit Replacement (per side) varies by model**
Side View Mirror Painted Cover Replacement (per side) varies by model**

*promotional price: terms & conditions apply
**price may vary according to car make & model, please use our quote form to get a price estimate for your car model

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My Car Mirrors is the quickest and cheapest car mirror repair service in Dublin. Our prices for car mirror glass and car mirror units are the best you will find in Ireland!

Have a look at our list of prices and services and convince yourself how easy and affordable it is to have your car mirror replaced by our quick and reliable mechanics!

To get a personalized quote and set up an appointment for the repair, simply enter the information about your car and your location during the quote procedure. You can book appointments for today or any other date – whatever suits you best.

For a step-by-step guide on how to quickly book an appointment, have a look at our homepage. For any questions, consult the FAQ page to see the answers to frequently asked questions.

We do more than just replace broken glass! Our location independent car repair services also change broken car mirror units, replace painted covers and let you switch between flat and convex mirrors – directly at your house or workplace! How convenient is that? You can lean back and do what you love, while we fix your car problems.

My Car Mirrors – We are here to make your life easier.

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